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How to login to Design Studio with local account.

My Denodo web apps including Design Studio are configured for SAML single sign on authentication. Normally, the SSO login screen appears. How can I login to Design Studio with a local login username & password?
13-03-2023 21:16:48 -0400

1 Answer

Greetings, Hope you are doing well. If Single Sign-On is enabled but you want to log in with user and password use the following URL : Assuming you are using HTTPS connection. Note: If https is not enabled, the port is 9090. And if you are using the solution manager : Note: If https is not enabled, the port is 19090. More information can be found in the following resources: [Starting the Design Studio]( [SAML Authentication]( page of the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-03-2023 08:45:11 -0400
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