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Scheduler email-exported-files handler does not send email when there is an error

We are using a scheduled job to execute source_changes() to notify via email when any base view(s) no longer match their underlying data source. It works great when there are no errors, such as connectivity issues on the data source of any base views being checked. However, when there is an error, it does not send any email. Any suggestions for how to work around this? Is this "expected behavior?" FYI - here is the query being executed in the job: SELECT sc.*, bv.* FROM (SELECT * FROM source_changes()) sc INNER JOIN (Select * from GET_VIEWS () WHERE database_name = 'xxx' and view_type = 0) bv ON sc.table_name = WHERE sc.modification <> ''
14-05-2020 16:09:28 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, I would refer to the community Q&A [Remove Error From GET_SOURCE_CHANGES]( and follow the steps to avoid the procedure to fail when there are errors in underlying data sources. Once you enable and restart the VDP Server, then the scheduler job would be able to send an email and the modification field will hold the error details for the failed one. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-05-2020 03:58:42 -0400
Great, thank you!
15-05-2020 14:49:54 -0400
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