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Why are ITP and ARN not licensed products, but get installed anyway?

Downloaded Express. Selected to install all products. Installation of all products proceeds. ITP and ARN are disabled from Denodo Platform Control Center.
06-11-2014 08:55:42 -0500

1 Answer

Hello! Those grayed out items are enabled in our complete data virtualization product, the Denodo Platform. Denodo Express is derived from it and they share the same main building blocks (VDP, ITP, ARN, SCHED) although Denodo Express has some restrictions when compared to the Denodo Platform. During the installation process you can choose which blocks you want to install but our recommendation is to always install all modules, even if they appear disabled due to not being available for Denodo Express. That way you will not need to make any changes or do a reinstall if you decide to upgrade to the Denodo Platform from the Express version at any point in the future.
Denodo Team
06-11-2014 15:28:51 -0500
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