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ITP button not active

I have installed Denodo 5.5 server on ubuntu 14.04, and i have been experimenting using the Tutorials available on the denodo community site till now it has been very good experience. But for web automation tutorial i need to start ITP from the administration tool, but it has been disabled. and then i checked in the license settings, "ITPilot unsupported license". I installed the licence which is available on the denodo community site, even then it has been disabled. please help me out, i want to explore the ITpilot.
04-03-2015 01:58:29 -0500

1 Answer

Hello! please, see this question: ITPilot is only available with a full Denodo license, if you need more information on how to get a license, please contact or fill the contact form at
Denodo Team
04-03-2015 08:30:30 -0500
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