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Duplicate server adresses and authentication data for same the Rest data sources

I have a server with a Rest API that has multiple endpoints that return JSON data (e.g. a jasperserver that has a rest call to get all report units and a rest call to get all report schedules). I now want to create one table for the report units and one table for the report schedules. I could create two data sources that both adress the same jasperserver but the URLs vary slightly to adress the two different rest calls. This works but it is cumbersome since you need to copy server adress and authentication data for each Rest call (which might be significantly more than just 2). Is there a way ti avoid this duplication (e.g. by having only one data source but multiple base views with different Rest calls)?
16-09-2021 11:03:38 -0400

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Hi, It is possible to call the Rest data source with interpolation variables. If you are using the HTTP method, the URL can be parameterized and be able to return data depending on the input variables. For details please refer to [HTTP Path — Virtual DataPort Administration Guide]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-09-2021 01:53:58 -0400
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