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Password Encryption in Denodo Testing Tool

Hi, I followed the article under Q & A section (FYI: How to get encrypted passwords in your file for the Denodo Testing Tool (DTT)) to encrypt the password in config file. However, I am getting the error message below. The information below is from the log file. Could you please help? From Command Prompt ---------------------- Exception in thread "main" org.jasypt.exceptions.EncryptionOperationNotPossibleE xception at org.jasypt.encryption.pbe.StandardPBEByteEncryptor.decrypt(StandardPB at org.jasypt.encryption.pbe.StandardPBEStringEncryptor.decrypt(Standard at at at .java:209) at java.util.Properties.enumerate(Unknown Source) at java.util.Properties.propertyNames(Unknown Source) at com.denodo.connect.testing.Configuration.getReporterKeyNameMap(Config at com.denodo.connect.testing.Configuration.getReporters(Configuration.j ava:123) at com.denodo.connect.testing.TestRunner.getTestReporter( :206) at at com.denodo.connect.testing.TestRunner.main( From testing-tool.log -------------------- 2017-08-18 12:59:50 DEBUG DateTimeHelper:68 - 90102 does not adhere to format ISO8601 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid format: "90102" is too short
18-08-2017 16:23:16 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, By seeing the error message in your logs I think the problem is related to a wrong date format used in the test. Since the date format does not comply with the ISO8061 format this error is thrown up. Keep in mind that dates should be specified in ISO8601 format. When a date format does not adhere to ISO8601 format, then it leads to this error. This is an example for a date value which complies ISO8601 format : 2006-02-15T04:34:33+01:00 For more information I would ask you to look at the section titled "RESULTS[data]" from Denodo Testing Tool - User Manual. Hope this helps you!
Denodo Team
21-08-2017 08:28:58 -0400
Thank you for getting back to me. I went through the documentation on Denodo testing tool. I understand that I should be specifically listing the date format to ISO 8601 if my result set involves dates. But, I am comparing a simple row count between a view in beta server (all fields are varchar) to a view in Denodo which is created out of text files. Page 16 from Denodo Testing Tool.doc -------------------------------- %EXECUTION[query] {ds:vdp, datepattern:E\, d MMM yyyy H:mm:ss z, datepattern:d/MM/yyyy, datepattern: iso8601} select * from dates_as_text where row_id = 3
21-08-2017 14:24:41 -0400
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