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Denodo Testing Tool Integration with Test Rail

Hi Team, Could you please help me with following questions. 1. Is there any possibility to integrate Denodo Testing Tool and VDP with Test Rail to run Tests from Test Rail instead of Command Prompt ? 2. Can you please provide detailed steps to integrate JUnit with Denodo Testiing Tool ? Thanks in advance.
10-01-2019 00:08:17 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, The primary way of executing the Denodo Testing Tool is from the command prompt and can offer reports in console, csv, email or HTML. Currently, you cannot integrate Denodo Testing tool with TestRail. I would integrate the Denodo test set executions with JUNIT by using the **com.denodo.connect.testing.TestRunne**r class. For more details, you can refer to section TESTING TOOL EXECUTION in the user manual available in the /doc directory of the Denodo Testing tool zip folder. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-01-2019 07:22:44 -0500
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