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Misfire on Scheduler Job

Hi, On scheduler I keep seeing Misfire result on the Job when I have Trigger scheduled. I went through the causes but it doesnt really satify the scenarios I see. Is anyone having this kind of problem? Thank you, I hope I can be more clear but dont have any scenario to describe much
12-04-2023 12:34:30 -0400

1 Answer

Greetings, Hope you are doing well. Scheduler trigger misfire is a situation when a trigger misses its firing time because of the Scheduler being shut down, or in case there are no available threads in Quartz’s thread pool. To gather more information, I would check the scheduler log messages stored in the scheduler.log file, located at: <DENODO_HOME>/logs/scheduler folder. For more details , please refer to the following community answers. [What is a Scheduler Job misfire ]( [Job Misfire in Denodo Schedular]( If the issue persists and you have a valid support account, kindly raise a support case through [Denodo Support Site]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-04-2023 06:55:42 -0400
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