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Is it possible to connect to Oracle Stored Procedures?

Trying to create base view from an Oracle Stored Procedure... following message appears "Unsupported type PL/SQL RECORD type for database: Oracle Stored Procedures". Anyone has solved this?
01-12-2021 15:52:35 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, The error “Unsupported type PL/SQL RECORD type” refers to the complex data type which is unsupported. You can take a look at [Importing Stored Procedures from Oracle]( Following are the limitations regarding importing oracle stored procedures * Compound non-PL/SQL types are not supported. I.e. Oracle table and record types. * Oracle PL/SQL records are not supported. * Oracle PL/SQL tables of records (i.e. tables with more than one column) are not supported You could also take a look at [Creating Base Views from a Query to a Stored Procedure]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
 Edited on: 02-12-2021 08:16:42 -0500
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