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Automate integrating VDP into Solution manager

Hi Team, We are in the process of integrating VDP in Solution manager through Solution manager REST API.I already went thru this link If I need to automate this process and say I want to add a new server "A" in vdp cluster in prod environment, how can I get environment id of prod environment and cluster ID of a specific VDP cluster so that I can use those IDs to add the new server.Please suggest a solution for this .
23-09-2022 12:51:38 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, If I want to get the list of environments defined in the Solution Manager, I would execute the following API GET request : > http://<host of the Solution Manager server>:10090/environments In the results obtained, I would check for the ID of the ‘**production environment**’. Then, to retrieve the list of clusters defined in that specific environment, I would execute the below API **GET** request: > http://<host of the Solution Manager server>:10090/environments/{number:environmentId}/clusters For example, http://<host>:10090/environments/1/clusters Finally, to create a new server in this cluster of production environment, I would execute the POST request with the Post body containing **cluster id** like: > http://<host of the Solution Manager server>:10090/servers **Body:** { …… "clusterId": <cluster_id>, …… } You can also take a look at the [**Create a Server**]( section of the REST API - Solution Manager Administration Guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-09-2022 08:25:06 -0400
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