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Connect Cognos 10.2.2 to Denodo

Would still like to try to connect our Cognos 10.2.2 to Denodo Express 6.0. Does anybody have the old KB article on how to do this - or concrete suggestions (other than use Cognos 11)? Thanks, Dave
14-12-2017 13:10:51 -0500

1 Answer

Hi Dave, Denodo provides multiple Northbound connectivity options for BI tools and Enterprise Apps as SQL(JDBC/ODBC), RESTful Web Services, SOAP, JMS,etc. and it is tied to the ones supported for the final tools and apps. Since IBM Cognos 11.0.3 or later version is able to connect to Denodo VDP using the JDBC connector I strongly recommend this option as it is the most eficient connector with the widest operation support. For more information on how to connect in this version check Connecting to Denodo from Cognos KB article [Connecting to Denodo from Cognos]( In case you still want to connect to 10.x versions you will need to use the ODBC connector Denodo provide as the JDBC one is not supported for this version. For connecting to Denodo Express follow the next steps: 1. Configure a 32-bits DSN for Denodo Express - The Virtual DataPort Developer Guide article [Access through ODBC]( has the information to do the configuration. 2. Add an ODBC Data Source in IBM Cognos Express Manager with the same DSN configured for Denodo Express. 3. You are now able to create and publish a metadata package using the Cognos Framework Manager.
Denodo Team
17-12-2018 07:07:25 -0500
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