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SSO for Design Studio vs Solution Manager

Hello, As I understand, implementing SSO via Active Directory is different for Solution Manager and Design Studio : - for Solutionn Manager, we need to use an application in Azure AD; - for Design STudio, we need to create a LDAP source and to configure it in DEsign Studio. Thanks. JP
12-04-2022 02:37:52 -0400

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Hi, In general, configuring SSO in Solution Manager via Azure AD can be done using the Identity providers available for the Single sign one. In addition, in Azure AD you need to perform the following: * First, create an Application in the Azure Portal. * Then, create Users & Groups. * After that, assign Users to the Application. * Configure SAML, OAuth, and OpenID depending on your requirement. In similar, in Solution Manager, you could perform the following steps: * First, enable single sign-on with SAML/OAuth/OpenID from the Solution Manager web tool. * After that, create a role with the same name as the group you have created in Azure AD. * Then, Grant privileges to this new role. * As a result, you will be able to enable the single sign-on via Azure AD in Solution Manager. Similarly, Design Studio is one of the Web Tool which is deployed in Denodo Platform's Web Container (which runs on port 9090 by default). Hence, you can use and enable the option [Enable Denodo Single Sign-On for web applications]( in Denodo Platform Control Center. For more information you could refer to the following sections: * [How To Configure Azure AD for SSO in the Denodo Solution Manager]( * [Authenticating with Single Sign-On]( * [Authenticating with LDAP ]( Hope this helps!!
Denodo Team
13-04-2022 08:41:36 -0400
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