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How to get the most recent file from data source AWS S3?

I'm using Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper. On S3, we have a file gets generated weekly with a full dump of data. So is there a best way to always get the most recent file whenever requested? Also is there a date range supported using custom wrapper?
29-11-2020 22:36:01 -0500

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Hi, In order for you to get most recent files from your S3 bucket, you can use the File name Pattern option while creating the base view with an interpolation variable. And If your file names have date prefixed, you can use the same to find the particular file to read the data from. To get the latest, you can always pass the value of today's date using current_date() function as well. You can get more information on the same in the manual here: [Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper - User Manual]( Additionally date range is supported using Custom wrappers in Denodo. If you do have any trouble implementing it, I would recommend taking help from the Denodo Support Team. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-12-2020 05:46:04 -0500
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