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Denodo 8.0 Update 8.0u20220815

We have upgraded to Denodo 8.0 Update 8.0u20220815 Wed design studio - we could see "S3" listing under Data Route option while I am trying to add datasource as "excel" But the same is not listing on Virtual Dataport Administration Tool Thanks
01-09-2022 13:17:03 -0400

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Hello, I upgraded my Denodo Platform to 8.0 20220815 and attempted to add the “Excel” data source. I am able to see the option “S3” under “Data Route” in Web Design Studio and under “File Location” in Virtual DataPort Administration Tool. From your question, I understand that the VDP Server is on the update 8.0u20220815 however, please make sure that the VDP Admin Tool (client application) is also on that update. You can check the update in the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool by clicking on **Help > About Virtual DataPort**, and check that Administration Tool and VDP Server are both on the same update version. *For example, I can see the following details : Administration Tool 8.0 20220815 VDP Server 8.0 20220815* I would recommend downloading the full version of the update that is for all the modules of the Denodo Platform from the [Support Site]( You can refer to the document [Installing Updates & Hotfixes]( to help you with the upgrade. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
02-09-2022 15:00:36 -0400
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