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Core-Site Properties on Revision

On dev environment we have created few base views using s3 as a source and We would like to deploy on prod environment using revision.I have created revision and choosen respective base view files and data source.While validating revision, I could see only s3 file path value has been take care. I dont see any option for updating the properties values for access-key and secret-key which will differ on prod environment. How can I achieve this
23-11-2022 03:47:04 -0500

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Hello, I understand that you have created data sources and its base views from S3 as an underlying source. You want to promote these new VDP elements to the production environment by creating revision. In the revision you want to change the certain data source connection properties such as access key and secret key value for the new environment to connect. If I want to change the certain database configuration properties value for a specific datasource, view etc in the target environment , then I will be following the below steps: 1. In Solution Manager, I will go to the** Promotions > Revisions** and expand my revision from the list of revision and choose the option to edit it. 1. Under the ***Revision Elements*** tab, I will expand the concerned database containing my data sources and views. After expanding, right on top there is an option ***Include Database Configuration***, this option is only available if the user used to connect to the VDP server has dbadmin privileges. 1. After this, I will save the revision and go to validate it. There in the*** Validation Details > Create Missing VQL Properties*** window, for the respective data source I can change the configuration properties for the new environment. You can refer to the section Virtual DataPort Databases in the document [Revisions Table]( for more detailed information on this. Alternatively, you can also alter these properties in the new environment by opening the environment and under the ***Virtual DataPort Properties*** tab you can change the respective properties. You can refer to the document [Configuring Virtual DataPort Properties]( for more information on this. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
23-11-2022 19:56:11 -0500
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