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secure credential storage and retrieval mechanisms for nonstandard data source authentication

Are there any recommended practices for secure storage and retrieval of credentials for data sources where the authentication mechanism isn't one of the built-in ones provided by Denodo? We are connecting to a web service that requires the password to be combined with some other values at runtime (including a timestamp and a changing random string) and passed as a hashed string in a URL parameter. We've experimented with local file storage (server-side) and accessing the usernames and passwords as fields in "delimited flat file data sources." Also we've tried setting them as the values of calculated fields via the "create base view from query" mechanism with a jdbc connection to a vdb as the data source (e.g. "SELECT 'passwordval' as privatekey from dual()"). However I was wondering if there are other recommended techniques for storing and fetching passwords where programmatic manipulation of their values is required. It would be preferable not to have the passwords exposed directly as database fields or stored within the VQL definitions of base views, but their values are required at runtime for the aforementioned calculated hash to go into the URL parameter. Thanks!
19-01-2016 09:13:56 -0500

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Hi, Have you looked into custom stored procedure? With a custom stored procedure you can programmatically manipulate the values. You can refer to the documentation available in the section 'DEVELOPING STORED PROCEDURES' of the 'Virtual DataPort Developer Guide'. API docs and samples can be found in '%denodo_home%\docs\vdp\api' and '%denodo_home%\samples\vdp\storedProcedures' respectively. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
20-01-2016 15:16:29 -0500
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