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Denodo Testing tool: Unable to execute multiple test cases at once

Hi, I have created a Pipleline with Denodo VCS by integrating it with Azure Devops. In which I am unable to run multiple test cases through Denodo Testing tool it just allows me to run one test at a time. Now my two questions are 1. Based on this script can you suggest me what changes do I need to do to allow multiple test files to run? - name: testingToolPath value: 'C:\Denodo\denodo-testing-tool-8.0-20230425' - name: vqlFileName value: 'vcscommand.vql' - name: testingToolConfig value: '' **``` **- name: testingToolTest value: 'test1.denodotest'** ``` - name: pipelineTmpPath 2. How can I specify test cases in one file to execute multiple test cases? In short I need a way to test multiple test case with Denodo testing tool in one go
07-03-2024 22:55:17 -0500

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Hi, I think you should look into creating a dedicated folder for all tests. You can conduct tests using specific files or entire folders. If a folder is chosen, the **Testing Tool** is designed to execute all the contents it discovers within following a sequential order. Each of these folders may contain test files and potentially other sub-folders, which are integral to the testing process. These folders are regarded as **test sequences** because the test files located within these folders are executed in a sequential manner, one after the other, maintaining a specific order of operation. The sequence of tests defined by a given folder is subject to modification. This is possible if the folder contains a specific index file named: **index.denodoidx**. I would refer to the **Folders and indexes** section in the [Denodo Testing Tool]( manual. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
08-03-2024 16:59:54 -0500
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