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Connecting denodo with C# application

I have changed the port to 9996 , and used denodo username and password in connection string , and database name is same in both denodo and postgresql . string connectionString = “Server=localhost;Port=9996;Username=admin;Password=admin;Database=test”; Above string is the connection string And it generate the error when i call : authentication error: Database ‘test’ not found DETAIL: Detail redacted as it may contain sensitive data. Specify ‘Include Error Detail’ in the connection string to include this information. but couldn’t connect denodo and Application. Could you please help me on this.?
15-06-2022 12:25:51 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, Please refer to the similar question [here](
Denodo Team
20-06-2022 07:56:14 -0400
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