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Could not generate wrapper metadata from given WSDL document in SOAP web service

I'm using Denodo Express V5.5.... While connecting with SOAP web service I got this Error "Could not generate wrapper metadata from given WSDL document." Description: I have followed the steps given in tutorial... i.e connected with jetty server using the jar file given and then visited the URL http://localhost:8080/billing/services and I'm able to see three different services. But when I try to connect to this from VDP by giving the URL http://localhost:8080/billing/services/BillProvider?wsdl for WSDL filed and EndPint as from WSDL ... still its not working..Help me!!!
26-03-2015 13:59:50 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, This question has been answered here: Cheers.
Denodo Team
06-04-2015 13:19:43 -0400
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