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Support for creating a data source using a session based SOAP backend

Hello! I am in process of discovering the capabilities of Denodo and as part of my experiments I want to access a backend application that publishes SOAP services. I have successfully created a simple data source based on that application, I am not able to make full use of it since it assumes a session based workflow - i.e. 1. Login service to start a session, taking the credentials as input and returning a sessionid 2. Service to read backend data, taking the sessionid as parameter 3. Logoff service to end a session, taking the session id as parameter. Is there a way in Virtual Data Port Admin tool to setup "pre" and "post" services to call before and after accessing a data source? Thank you and Best Regards Jan Draper
12-07-2017 06:54:03 -0400

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Hi, Denodo supports creating Data Sources that connect to SOAP data services. This datasouce can be connected using various types of authentication. If you have to use a session based service as described in the question, you may use XML Data Source. You can create a SOAP datasource that takes the valid credentials and retrieves the session ID. Then you may create another XML datasource that use the ‘HTTP Client’ configuration and takes the session ID as an interpolation variable for creating base view. You can join these two views to pass the session ID obtained in first view to the second view. Create a third datasource for the logoff SOAP service using XML datasource and configure the ‘HTTP Connection’ to use the session ID from first view. This can be executed after completion of required tasks to logout. You may refer to [XML Sources]( and [Paths and Other Values with Interpolation Variables]( section of Virtual DataPort Administration guide for more information. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-07-2017 09:20:45 -0400
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