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Pivoting a column to a row with example

I have a view with two columns as shown below: Label | Value ------------------- Name | John Age | 29 Sex | M Name | Amy Age | 46 Sex | F It goes on and on like this. What I want is this: Name | Age | Sex -------------------------- John | 29 | M Amy | 46 | F But am having trouble with this. What would the VQL query be to accomplish this?
10-01-2024 09:47:19 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, To learn how to pivot views, refer to [How to Pivot and Unpivot views]( in the Knowledge Base. In this case, I would follow the example involving key-value pairs at the bottom of the "1. Pivot" section, since it is very similar to the situation posed in this question. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
11-01-2024 17:03:15 -0500
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