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Connection JDBC Denodo AWS Free Trail to MYSQL Database dosent work

Hi, 1. i am working with the Denodo Free Trail Version on AWS ( access to Web Design Studio ) and with the Denodo Express Version. The Tutorial i start working with is doing good on the Denodo express version. But know i want to build i connection with the Denodo Free Trail Version to the same Tutorial and it dosent work. The Database is a Lokal MYSQL Server, the same i worked with the Express Tutorial. And the Connection Details are the same. But I cannot connect to the MYSQLDatabase ? JDBC Connetor works on the Express Vers. Dose anyone knwo why it is not working and what i am doing wrong. 2. In the Free Trail version i have only access to the Web Design Studio. How can i get Solution Manager, VDP, Data Catalog Tools? Have i to look in Web Based ? or do i need to download something ? or do i need licenc for them? Do i need the other tools to work with or start Connections? I cant read it out of the Documentation. Can anyone help me ?
17-06-2022 04:19:28 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, Regarding your first question, this seems to be a connectivity issue as you are trying to reach your local mysql server from the AWS cloud. Please keep in mind that the tutorial you are following is intended to be used with a local Denodo Express. So, if you use localhost as the connectivity URL but your Virtual DataPort Server runs on a cloud instance, it is trying to connect to a mysql instance on the same host machine (on the cloud) which may not exist. You can still use the tutorial for the Denodo Professional AWS Trial, but you may need to install the mysql on the cloud too (or any other machine) and make sure that there is connectivity between the VDP Server and the data source. Briefly on question 2, some tools are not available in all versions of Denodo. On Denodo Professional for instance, the Data Catalog is not included. You can check the available tools for each version through the following [link]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-06-2022 06:19:24 -0400
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