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SAML Identity Provider (IdP)

Is it possible that denodo express 8.0 trial version can configure a authentication against an external SAML Identity Provider (IdP) ? I would like to download metadata xml and upload to my SAP cloud product.
26-01-2021 04:36:03 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, Yes, it is possible to delegate authentication to SAML Identity Provider in Denodo Express 8.0. For setting up **SAML Authentication**, I would suggest you to check the [SAML Authentication]( section under the "Administration > Server Configuration" menu. After configuring the authentication, I would [invoke the web services with SAML Authentication]( for obtaining metadata. You can take a look at the [Restrictions of Denodo Express]( section of Denodo Platform Installation Guide to know more about the limitations of Denodo Express. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
27-01-2021 04:21:23 -0500
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