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cannot connect to virtual dataport server

Hello, I have just installed the express denodo platform 8.0 and cannot connect to virtual dataport server. I have tried several solutions given on this forum including 1. modifying firewall restrictions 2. checking if the port 9999 is already in use and kill the process if it is the case 3. changing the default port from 9999 to 29999 in the conf\vdp\ None of these work. Please suggest if you have other possible solutions.
06-03-2023 19:58:23 -0500

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Greetings , Kindly verify the following: 1. Ping the localhost/allocated IP address where your denodo platform is running on: For instance: In Windows cmd: ping or ping localhost. You should get a replay from the entered hostname or IP address. 2. All ports required by VDP are free and no other processes are using such ports. Please check the following KB article, for ports required by VDP server: [Virtual DataPort Ports]( If the required ports are running a process and it keeps restarting, make sure that you kill the relevant parent process. 3. You need to make sure that access is granted by your device’s firewall to denodo services. This is typically found in your firewall settings. For instance, If the Denodo Platform is running on Windows OS, the Windows Defender Firewall needs to allow public access for the ** OpenJDK Platform binary**. 4. The downloaded Denodo Express license needs to be uploaded properly (i.e. denodo-express-lic-XXXX.lic). If not done during the installation, then you could click on Configure in the Denodo control center and use the downloaded license file. **Note: the Denodo Express license is available to download from the Denodo Express Community page.** 5. For windows installation: check that the PATH environment variable meets these rules: PATH cannot have double quotes. If it does, the modules of the Denodo Platform will not start. For more information, you could check the following link : [here](https:// Relevant guidelines, are added below for reference: [Denodo Express QuickStart guide](https:// [Restrictions on Denodo Express license ](https:// For more detailed guidelines: [Denodo Installation Guide](https:// Hope this helps !
Denodo Team
08-03-2023 09:13:50 -0500
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