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Scheduler Admin Extraction Section and Exporter Section

hello, I created a scheduler job. below is the query I have in "Extraction Section"(using Parameterized query option) and I am dynamically getting the gtin value from "list" source. select * from ent.dv_extractaxwaysns where dv_extractaxwaysns.gtin='@gtin' List (gtin): 03400930061558, 05391507142283, 05391507142856, select * from ent.dv_extractaxwaysns where dv_extractaxwaysns.gtin='03400930061558' select * from ent.dv_extractaxwaysns where dv_extractaxwaysns.gtin='05391507142283' select * from ent.dv_extractaxwaysns where dv_extractaxwaysns.gtin='05391507142856' In the "Exporter Section" , I am writting the output as CSV file. Currenty I am getting all three gtin results are written in a single CSV file. My requirement is for each gtin, i wanted to write a seperate csv output file.

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Hi, When I created a Scheduler job with a similar query involving parameters, I was able to write the results of each parameter value to a different file by adding a field variable to the exported file's name. For example, using a query like this: `SELECT * FROM <view_name> WHERE <column_name> = '@parameter'` where "parameter" is filled from the following list: `a,b,c` I put the following in the "Output file" field of the Exporter page: `<absolute_filepath>/<file_name>_parameter_@{field:<column_name>}.csv` Scheduler then generated the following files for each item in the list: ``` <absolute_filepath>/<file_name>_parameter_a.csv <absolute_filepath>/<file_name>_parameter_b.csv <absolute_filepath>/<file_name>_parameter_c.csv ``` For more information about configuring the exporters in a Scheduler job, you can reference the [Postprocessing Section (Exporters)]( page of the Scheduler Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
12-06-2020 21:10:08 -0400
Thank you for your response. it worked. Appreciate it.
16-06-2020 01:23:12 -0400
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