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JSON / Odata as Source

Hello, we are trying to consume data from a web service, that supports both JSON and XML results. We have the source imported as JSON, and can use variables in the URL just fine. The problem is we want to be a little more dynamic, and have the where clause pushed down to the service. It seems that Denodo is doing the filtering locally, so calling the entire output, then any filters are done after, while this works it is not ideal. Does denodo have a way to push the where clause down as a variable. Our JSON endpoint supports OData generally, so if there were a way we could convert the where that Denodo generates to at $Filter that odata knows how to parse i think we could get this working. Any ideas??
24-10-2014 09:15:00 -0400

1 Answer

Hi! Have you tried with the "Denodo OData Custom Wrapper" available in the "Denodo Connect" section of Denodo Support Site? This wrapper provides CRUD access to your OData entities and supports OData protocol version 1.0 and 2.0. Within the distribution file of this Custom Wrapper you can find complete information about how to use it.
Denodo Team
24-10-2014 09:35:25 -0400
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