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Can I install on OS X?

Hi can I install the community edition on OS X?
31-03-2015 11:43:06 -0400

1 Answer

The "Software Requirements" section of the "Denodo Platform Installation Guide" (available under the Documents > Denodo Platform > Denodo 5.5 section of the Community web site) describes the software and hardware pre-requisites for installation of the Denodo Platform. This is a good place to look for any installation dependencies. Denodo needs an operating system that supports Java. However, Denodo currently only tests installations on certain versions of Windows, Unix and Linux. While Denodo doesn't test on OS X specifically, it is still possible for you to install on this operating system although there are some points to note: - For the installation you will need to use the Generic Denodo Express Installer available from the Community web site. This requires that a Java 2 Run-time Environment Standard Edition (J2SE 1.6 or J2SE 1.7) is already installed and an environment variable JAVA_HOME must point to the Java installation directory. Please see the "Denodo Platform Installation Guide" for more information on this. - I believe that Denodo services and client tools can't be started using the "Denodo Platform Control Center" application on OS X, so you will need to start these using the scripts provided in the $DENODO_HOME/bin directory. - There are some components of the Denodo Platform that are dependent on Internet Explorer such as ITPilot and Aracne, so these can't be fully utilised on OS X. However, you should find that these components aren't enabled as part of the Denodo Express license, so these shouldn't be an issue for you. Hope this is useful.
Denodo Team
01-04-2015 05:43:31 -0400
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