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Install Denodo Express without Windows admin rights

Hi, I've never used Denodo SW before. Does anybody have experience in installing Denodo Express without Windows Admin rights (so just running off a 100% pure Java jre under Windows)? Tom
09-07-2015 02:26:55 -0400

1 Answer

Hello, Currently it is not possible to install the Denodo Platform without admin rights. If you take a look to the Denodo Installation Guide, which you can download in the following link (, you will see in "Pre-installation Actions in Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008/Windows 7" section the next paragraph: "Launch the installer with administrator privileges. If you are not logged in as an administrator and you have User Account Control turned on, administrator credentials will be requested before the installation process begins". On the other hand, the Denodo Platform is a 100% java application which includes an embedded jre into the installation package.
Denodo Team
09-07-2015 04:57:12 -0400
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