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Help ASAP with Property File Location

Hello, we have created a custom policy to provide row-level security to certain objects. Inside the logic, this policy works with config tables to get the provided level of security for the users via JDBC. Since we are connecting via JDBC, we have to store the DB username/password info somewhere. At first, we hardcoded it in the logic but now, we are using encryption methods and storing an "" file on the server as well, so the logic will speak to this file and get the necessary connection information. My question is what would be the best location/directory on the server to place this property file??
04-05-2021 07:43:15 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, For your use case, I would either store the properties file in the folder that is **easily** accessible or I would add the properties file to the **resources** folder available in src/main directory in the Java Project. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
05-05-2021 08:14:25 -0400
Thanks! We need the property files on the physical server. Currently, we placed them in the directory below (VDP component config file directory). Do you see an issue with the location? Perhaps this directory is impacted when software updates are applied? /u1/denodo/denodoplatform8.0/conf/vdp
05-05-2021 09:26:15 -0400
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