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Denodo Solution Manager REST API, how to handle deploy objects by Dependency with the REST API Call

Hi Team, we are working on some process which about autdeploy with solution manager Rest API, I want to understand if we have create a revision ,which is a vql, how can we handle deploy this objects with dependency? Thanks.
07-01-2022 04:37:11 -0500

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Hi, Generally, while you export the elements metadata with the dependencies and create a revision with that VQL, the dependencies will be imported by default during the deployment process. The export of server/database/element metadata can be done either by [**GUI way**]( from the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool or by using the [**export scripts**]( For instance, if I have to export the view created over two base views of the same data source, then I would export by right-clicking on the view and click on the Export option and also check the box **Export dependencies** to include the dependencies (along with the **Export environment specific properties** separately option) of the view from the Virtual DataPort Administration tool. After exporting the view with dependencies, when I tried to create the revision from a VQL file and deploy the revision created using the appropriate REST APIs, the **dependencies were deployed** as per the expectations. For more information, refer to [**Create a Revision from a VQL File**]( and [**Start a New Deployment from a List of Revisions**]( section of the Solution Manager Administration Guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
10-01-2022 00:38:46 -0500
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