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Hi everyone, I would know if there's a way to retrieve the data lineage of views when you use an external DB for the data catalog metadata. If it is not possible, there's at least a fast and easy way to create and store a view with these informations in Denodo, in order to see it in the data catalog metadata? Thanks, Maria

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Hi, In general, you could view the Data Lineage of a view under the Data Catalog web tool > navigate to the corresponding view > Data Lineage tab. The Data Lineage for a view can be viewed regardless of the metadata database configured in the Denodo Data Catalog (eg. Derby, External Metadata). I suggest to refer to the [**Lineage of Views**]( documentation for more information. Additionally, please be informed that, the metadata for the [**Data Catalog**]( is different as compared to the VDP’s metadata. To view the Data Lineage of a view in VDP (as similar using Data Catalog), you could use the predefined stored procedure [**Column Dependencies**]( to view the Data Lineage. This stored procedure gives programmatically the same information that the Virtual Data Port admin Tool displays in the [**Data Lineage**]( dialog (graphically) for the derived views. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
28-09-2023 08:08:54 -0400
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