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Error Deploying Wrapper because of "regexp_like" in condition

I am having an issue deploying a wrapper that contains "regexp_like" in a condition for determining if each record that is iterated contains a firstname in the name column that is the same as entered at start. The "contains" function does not work as it will break out of the loop on the first record found without the first name found. Here is the condition : " regexp_like (Start_1_output.FirstName) " Here is the error message when attempting to deploy: "An error was found while performing the operation: required custom functions were not found. If you are using Denodo4E for debugging custom functions you will previously need to deploy them into the WGT."
25-03-2015 15:00:57 -0400

1 Answer

Hi! The error is not related to the regexp_like function. In the wrapper you have a custom function that needs to be included in the deploy process. To be sure, check if you are using any custom function in some wrapper component. Best!
Denodo Team
26-03-2015 06:26:41 -0400
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