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LDAP Authentication

Hi team, We have able to set up the LDAP authentication for the users and created roles in Denodo VDP tool but not imported the roles. The users are able to connect with Denodo components as per the privileges provided to them. The Problem is that when new employees joined the organization we have created the new users and configure the LDAP authentication for the new ones. But they are uable to login to the Denodo VDP tools with below error: *authentication error: The Username or Password is incorrect * But the user credentials are correct and this is case with all the newly created user Id's. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in Advance!!
05-07-2021 04:21:37 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, If there is no enough information about the error it is possible to set up the log category to trace using the** logcontroller** stored procedures. Once you execute these commands, reproduce the error and check the logs. This will help you identify the issue. You can refer to the following document for more information. * [LDAP authenticatin best practice]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
06-07-2021 03:49:53 -0400
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