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Error in Data source creation in ADLS 2 container

Hi, I am trying to establish a connection to read and write back a csv file ADLS 2.0 container. * I am trying in **custom wrapper ** so I configured my **core-site.xml** with my ADLS account with keys. When I try to test connection the ** connection is successfull** * When I create a base view, I have given the file path where the csv file is located but I am getting the below error. I have also Tried as giving '/' alone but still getting the below error. **There was an error while creating this base view: Error while executing custom wrapper method 'getSchemaParameters': Error accessing HDFS file: Configuration property not found. ** Pls advice?

2 Answers

Hi, To resolve this issue, I would check if the File System URI provided during the datasource creation is correct. I would also suggest you to verify the credentials in the wrapper configuration file custom core-site.xml to see if it's same as the file system URI. You can also refer to the [Denodo Distributed File System Custom Wrapper - User Manual]( to get detail information about how to configure the datasource for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. There is also a similar [community question]( which addresses the same issue. Also, if you are a customer with a valid support account, you can open a support case at in order to follow up with a support agent on any connectivity issues you may be having. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-12-2020 19:08:21 -0500
Try chaning the permissions of the file(make 777) that you placed and retry, it should work.
15-07-2021 05:27:29 -0400
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