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How to test Access Protocols in DENODOTEST file.

In DENODOTEST, I need to test the JDBC access protocol that is present in the **** file. e.g. "jdbc:vdb://<localhost>:<portNumber>/<databaseName>". Is there any information about testing protocols in DENODO? The combination of **JDBC** and **REST** protocols also needs to be tested. *Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.*
15-11-2022 12:22:49 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, In general, Denodo Testing Tool allows users to easily automate the testing. If I would like to test the access protocol in the Denodo Testing Tool then I would configure the values in the "%EXECUTION[]" and "%RESULT[]" in the Denodo Test file. For example, if I would test the REST web service then I would configure the values as mentioned below: ``` %EXECUTION[ws] {user:<user_id>, password:<password>} http://<host>:<port>/server/database/<webservice_name>/views/base_view?value # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- %RESULTS[ws] {column_1:<column1_value>,column_2:<column2_value>} http://<host>:<port>/server/database/<webservice_name>/views/base_view?value ``` You could also refer to the [**Denodo Testing Tool - User Manual**]( for more information about Denodo Testing Tool. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
16-11-2022 08:51:21 -0500
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