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HTTP GET request using interpolation variable

Hi Team, I made a connection to a github delimited file (csv) file using interpolation variable. HTTP METHOD is selected as GET URL is given as : https://daily_reports/@{File_name}.csv While testing connection, UI asked for file_name , that is also given. Created base view too successfully. But while executing the view, file_name parameter appeared as compulsory where clause. But when i gave the file name as 05-16-2020 execution failed. the value 05-16-2020 is converted automatically to -2031. ie. Expected URL is: https://daily_reports/05-17-2020.csv But actual url created using interpolation variable is: https://daily_reports/-2031.csv Can you please help me to identify why denodo is automatically converting the value for interpolation variable from 05-17-2020 to -2031? Thanks in advance, Manju
19-05-2020 10:44:02 -0400

2 Answers

I got the solution team. Thanks for your time!
20-05-2020 02:35:44 -0400
Hi, I am glad you are able to solve the problem. For further reference, you can look into [Paths and Other Values with interpolation variables]( section of Virtual Dataport administration guide. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
20-05-2020 03:26:20 -0400
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