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Association without push down over BAPI

Hello Community, while working with Denodo I got a Problem, that I can´t deal with. I have a Database with about 150 Mio lines which I want to filter for more than one criteria. This needs very much time by doing all with the help of the SAP-Server. When I only push one criteria to SAP, everything works fine and the rest of the filters can be set within Denodo (with in and notin). Now I need to create an Association with more than one criteria and the only possible connector is an “=”. This will be pushed to SAP and the request will need five minutes to return. How can this be done in a proper way, to reduce the time? Thanks a lot for your time
21-12-2017 04:50:57 -0500

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Hi The delegation of query to the SAP data source would provide more efficient query execution and less data exchange through the network. I would add index in the base views in order to help queries to run faster. The indexes are propagated to the derived views of the view where the index has been defined. You could refer the section [Indexes of Views]( in Virtual DataPort Administration Guide for more information on Index. Hope this helps.
Denodo Team
21-12-2017 06:59:12 -0500
Dear Denodo Team, usually I get between 0 and 30 rows from the query. Your idea of passing all the filters down to SAP data source is correct, because the server is always faster than a PC. But by passing more than one filter to SAP, the system needs for a return several hundred seconds. For this problem, the index won´t help me. My problem is, that I can´t use the "in" or "notin" connector for the associations. Thanks for your help.
21-12-2017 07:54:02 -0500
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