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MongoDB vs JSON

Hello, Here is the context for my question. It is an architecture question. We have centralized our data sources in Denodo. Now, this data must be consumed by a system that has a back-end on MongoDB. I would like a billateral communication. The lineage should go to MongoDB and then coming back with some new information. So I would like ... Denodo -> MongoDB Then, I would like the data to return to Denodo after enrichment. MongoDB -> Denodo To get something that looks like this.  Denodo -> MongoDB -> Denodo I am a Denodo business user and not a developer and therefore I do not see everything that exists or is available with Denodo. Here are my questions. What is the best architecture scenario for doing this? How can I connect Denodo with Mongo DB? Does Denodo have a connector for MongoDB? Does MongoDB have a connector for Denodo? Do I have to push or do I have to pull the information? Please don't hesitate to give me more information if possible. We are just starting out with Denodo. Thank you in advance! Maxime Martel
25-02-2020 18:29:44 -0500

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Hi, Denodo provides a custom wrapper for connecting to MongoDB that can be downloaded from the [DenodoConnects]( section of the support site. Being a non-relational database, Base views in the Virtual Dataport will be created on a specific ‘collection’(similar to a table in an RDBMS) from the underlying MongoDB database. Once the base views are created, you can query and perform operations, some of which are supported out of the box by Denodo and the rest are delegated to MongoDB. You may refer to [Denodo MongoDB Custom Wrapper - User Manual]( and [How to connect to MongoDB from Denodo]( for detailed information on this. As this question is design-related, you can raise a support ticket to the Denodo support team so that you could get better assistance for your scenario. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
26-02-2020 07:37:35 -0500
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