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how to use monitoring option within Denodo

Step1: Starting Vitual dataport Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool Up and Running Step 2: Login with credentials Step 3: It is asking for Import Environment (what is the file which need to be imported). and how to use this monitoring tool.
13-12-2017 01:58:40 -0500

1 Answer

Hi, The "[Import](" (Import Environment) option helps to recreate the metadata of a Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool server in another server. If you have the metadata (the definition of the elements in the tree area and the configuration) of another server that you would like to import then, you can use this option to import the metadata into your server. Alternatively, you can also create a new servers and environments by following the steps given in [Creating Servers]( and [Creating Environments]( You can refer [Monitoring]( section of Diagnostic & Monitoring Tool Guide which explains how to use this tool to monitor Virtual DataPort servers. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
13-12-2017 06:13:05 -0500
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