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request tab in the denodo monitoring and diagnostic tool

Hello, I am unable to populate records inside the Request tab of the Denodo Monitoring and Diagnostic Tool. I am executing dervied view from VDP admin connected to the same server that is being monitored by the diagnostic tool. Am I missing something? Thanks!
22-10-2016 20:25:10 -0400

2 Answers

Hi, If the connection settings with the server are right as you said you should review the configuration. In the menu panel on the top by clicking on “Options” and then “Configuration” you can see a bunch of tabs for configuring the different features of the tool. As you are not able to see the requests I think this option could be disable. For enabling it click on the “Requests” tab and make sure that the option “Show Requests Table” is selected. Hope this help!
Denodo Team
24-10-2016 07:21:24 -0400
I can see the "Show Requests Table" is enabled. Could you think of something else that I might go and verify? This normally happens when I am trying to connect to the production server and the diagnostic tool is on the development server.
02-12-2016 17:02:00 -0500
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