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Error while creating Diagnostic

I've gone through the section 7.1 CREATING DIAGNOSTICS of 'Virtual Dataport and Monitoring Tools' but i am getting error as "unexpected error creating diagnostic 'Diag1' " in VDP. I have used correct directory and also all the mentioned file has been copied to that directory.

3 Answers

Hi, I think you must first check the status of your VDP server before trying to create the diagnostics. Before loading the diagnostic information ensure that VDP server is in running status and the server is accessible from your Denodo Diagnoistic & Monitoring tool. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
29-11-2016 09:27:50 -0500
All the VDP services are up and running but still i'm faceing same issue
02-12-2016 06:36:28 -0500
Hope issue has been resolved. If not, please make sure that user has privileges to the directory specified. It worked for me.
12-10-2017 05:44:31 -0400
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