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Denodo connection with Cloudera Kudu

Hi Team , We would like to know that whether Denodo an pull the data from Cloudera Kudu? . It is a new storage option from Cloudera which sits between HDFS and Hbase with respect to random access and table scans. Regards, Ganesh Taware
01-03-2017 02:44:32 -0500

1 Answer

Dear Ganesh, Currently, there are two options to access Apache / Cloudera Kudu: * Leverage the tight integration of Impala and Kudu as described by Apache. Denodo will execute JDBC queries against Impala which will act as the broker to Kudu: * Create a custom connector (similar to other connectivity we provide, e.g. HBase, MongoDB, etc.) based on the Java API of Kudu ( Please contact one of your known sales reps / sales engineers or our support team if you need further assistance. Thanks, Denodo Team
Denodo Team
01-03-2017 08:27:16 -0500
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