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Denodo connectivity to IMS DB

Hi Team, Would like to get an information on a quick query regarding Denodo connectivity to IMS DB ? I guess IBM systems like DB2 does not have any direct connectivity and we might have to build a custom wrapper to connect to it. Is that the same case with IMS DB as well ?
11-04-2017 02:30:22 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, According to IBM (, provides a JDBC driver so Denodo can connect to IMS using a JDBC data source. You will need to download the JDBC driver and create a JDBC data source using the "Generic" database adapter. Before creating the datasource, copy the JDBC driver to the $DENODO_HOME/extentions/thirdparty/lib folder and restart the Virtual DataPort Server so the driver can be properly loaded. You can find more information in the Virtual DataPort Administration Guide, section "JDBC Sources". Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
24-04-2017 05:17:58 -0400
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