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Interpolation variables ? How to add runtime query view in Denodo?

Hi I am new to Denodo .. i want to create a web service for my table’s join view, But how shall i pass the input values from my program which will call that web service to the Where clause of the query? how do i declare/use/;map the input data to my where clause .. if its not to be hard coded. For example Select * from student where student_id = input_student_id so here how shall i pass the values to input_student_id ?
25-10-2016 11:48:06 -0400

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Hi, I normally make use of view parameters available on the "model tab" to specify the parameters and using the "where conditions tab" specify the list of conditions from the view to be displayed in the output. Have a look at the section titiled "Parameters of Derived Views" in Virtual DataPort Administrative Guide Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
31-10-2016 05:29:23 -0400
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