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How can we preserve the current Denodo (VDP) installation , if later we decide to install other modules like Scheduler, ITPilot etc. ?

I read somewhere in the documentation that it is recommended to install all the modules of Denodo Platform initially the first time, even though we may not need all the modules (ITPilot, Catalogue, Scheduler etc.). Let's say, we have not installed all the modules when we initially installed Denodo Platform. Now later, if we try to install (for e.g Scheduler module), will it have any impact on my existing Denodo platform or its metadata ? Will I loose any information ? If yes, how can I manage this - because it is a possibility that we dont need some modules to start with and later we add more modules, and no body would like to loose all the settings(done via admin tool or in configuration files).
24-06-2020 09:19:55 -0400

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Hi, It is recommended to install all the modules of the Denodo Platform even if right now, you do not plan on using all of them. If you have not installed all the modules initially and in future you want to install a module that is not installed, you would have to install and configure the Denodo Platform again. That is because the installer cannot add modules to an existing installation. For more information, please refer to the [Using the Graphical Installation Guide]( document. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
25-06-2020 11:23:16 -0400
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