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How to identify whether a module is installed or not

I installed Denodo plaform along with ITPilot and Scheduler modules on a linux machine. When I open Platform Control Center(PCC) I do not see ITPilot and Scheduler modules on its left pane. I suspect these modules are runninig in the background but somehow they are not appearing on PCC UI. Pls suggest how could I check if these modules are actually up and running ? Is there a background process that could be seen in "ps" command's output ?
03-07-2020 00:37:35 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, To check whether the Denodo scheduler and ITPilot are installed or not, I would check the respective scripts available in the path <DENODO_HOME>/bin. For more information, you could refer to the similar community question [Some of the modules are missing on Denodo Platform Control Center UI]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
03-07-2020 03:15:22 -0400
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