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Using a select statment when implementing a interface

Hi everyone. I need to create an interface with dynamic values on the interface definition. I will give an example to show what I mean: Normally an interface is created this way: CREATE OR REPLACE INTERFACE VIEW i_inventory_50 ( productpartnumber_0:text, locationlocationidentifier_0:text, inventorytype:text, quantity:text, quantityunits:text, value:text, valuecurrency:text, reservationorders:text, daysofsupply:text, shelflife:text, reorderlevel:text, expectedleadtime:text, quantityupperthreshold:text, quantitylowerthreshold:text, daysofsupplyupperthreshold:text, daysofsupplylowerthreshold:text, expiringthreshold:text, plannercode:text, velocitycode:text, inventoryparenttype:text, class:text, segment:text ) SET IMPLEMENTATION dv_inventory_50 **** What I´m trying to do looks something like this: CREATE OR REPLACE INTERFACE VIEW i_inventory_50 ( Cast(<SELECT STATEMENT> as text) ) SET IMPLEMENTATION dv_inventory_50 Is it possible? Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to respond.
13-12-2023 09:46:13 -0500

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Hi, I understand that you are trying to create an interface view by using select statement (for passing dynamic values) in the interface. That is, I believe that you are trying to recreate the interface view schema by passing dynamic values. Currently, in Denodo, the schema of the interface view can be defined only in a static method and cannot be defined dynamically by passing values. You could also refer to the [Defining an Interface View]( documentation for more information. Further, if you have valid support access, then you could open a new case of type **‘Request (Enhancement Request)’** at the [Denodo Support site]( So that, our Support team will review this internally, proceed with the next steps and you could also have a track on this enhancement for your reference. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
15-12-2023 04:34:00 -0500
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