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SAP Idocs with Denodo

hi all, we are connecting Denodo with several SAP systems, receiving master data and transactional data. most of the connections use SAP IDOCs, and as Denodo does not handle IDOCs we have Tibco in the middle as passthrought, converting IDOCs into XML to Denodo. is anybody connecting denodo to SAP, to receive i.e. Material Master? are you using direct connections, flat files? i would like to hear from this community your experience, meanwhile we keep requesting Denodo for this Idoc handling functionality.
13-08-2019 10:12:56 -0400

1 Answer

Hi Denodo offers direct connectivity to SAP by a variety of ways.A detailed description of SAP-Denodo connectivity methods is explained in the below link. * [Denodo SAP Connectivity]( I would use [BAPI]( Connector or Denodo’s [RFC_READ_TABLE]( custom wrapper to access master and transactional data from SAP system. IDoc’s are specialised SAP objects that carries data of business transaction from SAP to external systems(both SAP/Non-SAP). I would be using a JMS queue that is subscribing to the SAP IDoc Listener which outputs the IDOC data in XML format. Denodo can then fetch this data from the JMS queue. Details about setting Denodo JMS listener is mentioned in the below link. * [JMS Listeners]( Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
14-08-2019 08:24:51 -0400
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