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Text to decimal with Impala as source in Denodo

Hi, Im currently facing conversion challenge while using Impala as the source for denodo, while converting **text to decimal.** In teradata we are successfully using **to_number** for this conversion , but the same approach doesnt working with impala in denodo, as a result its giving error as :**"Failed to convert string to decimal"** error. could anyone recommend an alternative method for convertiing text to decimal in denodo when the source is impala? Thank you for you assistance

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Hi, I understand that you want to convert text to decimal in Denodo for a view with source as impala. You could achieve it in a base view graphically by navigating to the Edit tab and by selecting decimal in the drop down in the Field Type column. Then, click on the pencil icon and select decimal as type. Additionally, you could refer to the [Modifying a Base View](,1000%27) documentation for modifying via ALTER statement. In a derived view, you could achieve this by using the [CAST]( function. Click on the pencil icon in the Field Name column and there in the field expression, give the expression as below: **Eg: cast(<column_name> as decimal)** If you still require assistance other than the above-provided details, and if you have valid support access, then you could raise a support case where we could assist you more. Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
17-01-2024 05:09:06 -0500
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