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Heap Space error while importing .jar

Hi, While trying to import the jars to install the denodo customwrapper, I obtain the error "Java Heap Space". How can I solve this? Regards
08-06-2020 10:28:14 -0400

1 Answer

Hi, This error occurs due to **less** JVM memory allocated to the Virtual Dataport server. I had resolved this error by increasing the JVM memory by performing the steps as mentioned in the Knowledge Base article [JVM Memory Settings Configuration]( For memory settings, you can refer to the Knowledge Base article [Denodo Admin and Development Best Practices]( and you can also refer to the similar community question [Java Heap Size ](,Memory%20Options%20settings%20as%20below%3A&text=Restart%20the%20VDP%20server%20and,HDFS%20custom%20wrapper%20jar%20file.). Hope this helps!
Denodo Team
09-06-2020 02:29:36 -0400
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